About Us

Welcome to eStarCase Scrapbooking

My name is Lisa, and I'm the owner of eStarCase. We know that the same interests and appreciation of scrapbooing art brought you here!

We love the reality that anyone can create art regardless of skill or talent. We want to share this love and joy by delivering the amazing scrapbooking supplies and tools to all happy creators! The products we sell are the products we love to use!

Just do your scrapbooking, painting, drawing, doodling, writing on social media! And then tag @eStarCase or use the hashtag #eStarCase to get a possible feature. Together we could create more beautiful and fun stuffs! Don't forget to sign up for the newsletters and follow @eStarCase to get notified about the exciting GIVEAWAYs!

Our ECO-FRIENDLY Packaging

We try very hard to be more environmentally conscious with our outer packaging. We use bubble mailers and boxes that are made from recycled & biodegradable materials, as well as recycled and biodegradable shipping labels and clear ceiling tapes.

I hope you find what you're looking for and enjoy your time here!