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Couple Bracelets-A Solemn Pledge of Love

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With mountains and rivers carved charm, its have a meaningful Oath for lovers:
"Oaths high as the mountains and vows deep as the ocean were exchanged, lovers pledge of eternal loyalty until the seas dry up and rocks decay."

Love is something you demonstrate. Show off the love you have for your partner with this fantastic set of magnetic bracelets for couples. Remember how much you love each other when you are both holding hands and your bracelets meet each other again.

• Two bracelets in each order
 925 Silver Pendant With mountains and rivers carved charm
• Minimalist and elegant design that pairs well with all outfits.
• Magnetic buckle design. Once they are close together, they will be connected to each other.

These bracelets have a real connection especially when they are given as a meaningful gift for friends, lovers, or couples.

Couple Bracelets-A Solemn Pledge of Love